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Connect and control all of your global business accounts from one dashboard.

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Vesto Cash Positioning Product — view all your balances across global accounts in one login.
Leading companies use Vesto as their treasury management system
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Meet your new treasury partner

Vesto breaks down your total balance across all accounts by entity.

Group-wide cash visibility

Instantly know your cash position across all accounts, entities and countries in real-time.

Unparalleled visibility

Drill down to the transaction level, with every detail at your fingertips.

Earn yield on your idle cash with vesto

Global payments made simple

Automate payments, approval workflows, and exchanges with Vesto Payments.

“Every company needs to be responsibly managing their cash. Now, Vesto is helping companies do this on autopilot.”

Co-Founder of SoFi; Investor in Vesto

Why Vesto?

One global login

Skip the login nightmare for all your different accounts, instead, see everything from one login.

Real-time link

Go from delayed and inaccurate information to one, real time dashboard.

Reporting, solved

Easily create beautiful, custom reports on your balances, cash-flows and transactions.

Save time and reduce errors

Get rid of manual tracking and spreadsheets, and get an accurate, and real-time view of your cash.

Discover and invest excess cash

Uncover all of your idle cash and securely put it to work, on autopilot.

Vesto Products


Cash positioning

Skip the login nightmare for all your different accounts, instead, see everything from one login.


Global payments

We’re building payments infrastructure for the global, multi-entity/account business.



Earn yield on your reserve cash with Treasuries, MMFs, and cash sweeps to help you make the most of every dollar.

Safety and security

Purpose-built to maximize the security of your assets.

Audit friendly

Stay on top of record keeping with complete transparency and detailed reports.

Insured custody accounts

Investment accounts are protected with $500K of SIPC insurance & an additional $5M of FDIC insurance.

SOC-2 Compliant

SOC-2 compliant practices and advanced data encryption.

“Vesto is a no brainer for startups sitting on funding to extend their runway, or just for bootstrappers to build up their war chest.”

CEO at Tiny

Testimonial is from an owner or employee of a current Vesto customer. Customers have not or will not be compensated in any way when providing testimonials. Tiny is an investor in Vesto, resulting in a conflict of interest as they have a direct interest in the success of the Company.

Centralize your treasury,
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