Cash Positioning

All your financial accounts, in one view

Easily view all of your bank accounts in one dashboard, across entities and currencies.

Vesto Cash Positioning Product — view all your balances across global accounts in one login.
Leading companies use Vesto as their treasury management system
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How it Works

Vesto makes it easy to connect all your bank accounts and view all their balances in one dashboard

Connect accounts

Securely connect your bank accounts to get a real-time feed of everything in one view.

Group your bank accounts by entity

Link entities

Create and save views by entity, region and currency with the click of a button.

View transaction across bank accounts in the Vesto dashboard

Monitor in real-time

Get full visibility into across accounts currencies and entities in one dashboard.

Why Vesto?

One login

Skip the login nightmare for all your bank accounts.

Real-time link

Go from delayed and inaccurate information to one, real time dashboard.

Quick filtering

Drill down by currency, legal entity, transaction type, and more.

Zero code or IT required.

Connect all of your banks and financial accounts with no-code API integrations. Get going in minutes, not months.

Save time and reduce errors

Get rid of manual tracking and spreadsheets, and get an accurate, and real-time view of your cash.

Operating a business with multi-entity or global operations can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be fragmented.

With Vesto Cash Positioning, you can connect all of your bank accounts, across entities and currencies, and monitor balances, transactions and cash movements all from one unified dashboard.

One login for multi-bank cash visibility

Say goodbye to manual cash positioning

Automate your manual work, and get a real-time view of your cash position across all your accounts, currencies, and entities.

Stop pasting balances in excel. Use Vesto for a realtime view and CSV exports for more complex modelling.

Vesto lets you see all your account balances instantly. Stop pasting values in to excel.
Vesto cash positioning is a live view of your cash and balances

Real-time reporting

Stop waiting for end of day reports – view your balances instantly, and accurately and make informed decisions, faster.

Transactions drill down

Drill down into transaction-level details, filtered by legal entities, accounts, date, category, amount, and more.

Vesto cash and transactions let's you view you transactions by account all in one dashboard
Export reports across all your bank accounts to csv or xlsx

Create beautiful reports, in one click

Build customized reports and views for any audience with the click of a button.

Safety and security

Purpose-built to maximize the security of your data.

Audit friendly

Stay on top of record keeping with complete transparency and detailed reports.

Custom access-control

Best-in-class security measures including robust access control and authorization.

SOC-2 Compliant

SOC-2 compliant practices and advanced data encryption.

Centralize your treasury,
the modern way.

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